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One of the biggest advantages of having a VR porn review site is writing reviews. ”Don't get high on your own supply” is something I am often told but someone has to do research anyway 😉

VR Hush had been on my schedule for a while and now the time has come to finally review it. I've known the site for years but haven't really picked their site apart yet.
Read more about how they score on various points I'm going to review!

VR Hush, First impression

For me, the first to their site was quite a while ago but VRhush has always been pretty high up on my list of good, reliable and solid sites for sure.

When you visit their site – before you log in – you immediately get a good impression of what they offer. You get a nice overview of the videos they offer. You can view good quality trailers but the pictures are not viewable in decent resolution.

It's clear that they work with big names and that almost everything is available in a very high 8k resolution.

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Searching for categories is not possible so if you are really going for something specific then it might take you some extra effort. The same goes for their models. However if you are looking for a specific girl then you can search for it in alphabetical order. A biography of each girl is available!

It's time to log in!

Riley Reid & Derrick Pierce

What does VRhush offer its members?

Once you're logged in, you end up on a different site than the free-to-access site.
What immediately catches my eye is a notification that they are now updating more frequently! 6 new videos per month! Very nice! 

Okay, this is much better than the free site! Good overview, you immediately get the choice to see the bio of the porn star and where you first could not view photos… you now have access to a huge number of high resolution photos that you, if you want, can download in a .zip.

Also nice is the short description… I don't feel like having to read a huge story when I feel like watching a nice VR porn video haha!

Back to the homepage, you can see what the newest video will be and when it will be released and also the Top Rated Movies. It's nice to have to info available.
While we mentioned that the free site doesn't have a search function, the paid version of the site does have one! Here you'll  find a fully search function with category, keywords and model options.

Which headsets work with HushVR?

No matter what headset you have, you can watch the content VRHush has ready for you. What I don't quite understand is that they don't more clearly name the headsets like the Oculus Quest 2- or now the META Quest – This is the most popular headset at the moment but is not specifically mentioned. Well, I can tell you that it works with their site!

I think it would be smart to mention this on their site.

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” They work with the most famous girls of the moment, like Zazie Skymm, Alex Coal and Adriana Chechik, but also lesser known and new girls are covered! ”

Quality of the VR Videos

As you may already know, I do all my reviews with my Oculus Quest. This is because it allows me to review them all at the same level.


My preference is often to stream. Purely because if I feel like it I can want to watch it right away…but it also enables me to quickly switch between videos.

This works fine with VR Hush, as they use the DEOVR player and the quality is great!


Perhaps the best thing to do is just download a few videos right away. Then, if you feel like it, you can just switch between different vr porn videos and stick with what you like.

Hush has the highest quality movies available – 8K resolution – and that is awesome.
If you do not have the space available on your PC or headset – an 8K video is about 15GB – choose the 6K video version. You problably won't see the difference on most VR sets and it does download a lot faster and takes up less space! Keep in mind then when you use an older, first generation headset you're better off downloading a lower resolution file anyway.

How are the porn stars?

I can actually be very brief about this. Awesome!
They work with the most famous girls of the moment, like Zazie Skymm, Alex Coal and Adriana Chechik, but also lesser known and new girls are covered! ”

This does mean mean however that you won't find much niche content on VR Hush. If you're into fat women, grannies or any other specific niche then this might not be the site for you.

VR Hush Extras

To my surprise, I found a Female POV section! With your membership, you now get – by the beginning of 2023- 13 VR porn videos with a female point of view! If your girlfriend finds out you have a membership with VR Hush then you can say you bough it for her haha!

In addition to those Woman POV videos you also get access to some 2D videos. These are from 2017 and are no longer being updated.

You don't get a whole lot of extras at VRhush like access to sister sites. However, you do get an extra discount if you take out a membership at their other site VR Allure!


At the moment there are no special season deals and you can choose from three options:

1 year membership:
$8.30 per month, which is $0.27 per day

3 Months Membership:
$16.65 per month, this equates to $0.55 per day 

1 Month Membership:
$19.95 per month, which is $0.27 per day

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Conclusion, is VR Hush worth it?

As I wrote before, VRHush has always been high on my list. This is partly because of their high resolution VR porn but also because they work with the right people.
You really will notice however that they put less work into the graphics of the site. The tumbnails and the site is less slick than, say, BaDoinkVR. I can imagine that putting you off and thinking that the videos might not be as good, but that's definitely not the case!

VR Hush is really worth a try. For example, take a one month membership first. The customer service of VRHush is also good and accessible

Personally I would advise them revamp the complete site. It looks a bit amateurish and cheap. But again, the videos are top notch quality and well worth the price!