Best virtual reality video players for watching VR porn in 2022

On this page we created a list of the most popular and also lesser known VR video players.

Some are free, some cost money. Some work with all headsets some with just one. But there is something to be found for everyone!
It just depends on what VR headset you have and your needs.

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Most of these VR video players will play VR porn movies (and normal movies) just fine.

If you need very specific functions then not every VR video player might be suitable for you.
This is a quick and simple overview. For every technical detail you should read the website of the creator. Which will be linked for every player we list.

We have 2 different lists. The first part links free players and the second part is for the paid apps.

The Best FREE VR Video Players in 2022


DEO VR is probably the most popular free VR video player for porn in 2021.
It just does everything right! Good head tracking, lots of very usable options, you name it. It just works!

So if you want get started right away, read no more and head over to the DEO site!
Deo Website

Deo VR Player
Deo VR Player

SexLikeReal VR porn app

One of the most popular VR porn sites out there has its own VR player: SexLikeReal
It works with just their site so for general movie watching this might not be the app for you.

But here is a reason to check it out anyway. It comes with 24 full lenght free VR porn movies!

It works perfectly with HTC Vive, Oculus, Meta Quest Google Cardboard, Google Daydream and Oculus Rift and more. Give it a try for free! Or watch the video below!
SexLikeReal Website

SexLikeReal Video App
SexLikeReal VR Porn App

Watch this free SEX LIKE REAL VR Trailer

VR Player

VR player is a free app which you can download on your PC or phone. It lets you watch your VR porn movies without a problem.

For non-porn movies it has an option for subtitles, which is nice. There is Bluetooth and voice control. It’s free but the pro version costs 2 dollars.
VR Player Website

VR Player

Play'a VR

Another very popular VR porn player. It looks awesome, it’s easy to understand and does everything you need to quickly watch some VR dirty movies! Highly recommended download.

We personally love that it works with our favorite VR porn site VRbangers!
If you are a paying member then you just enter the url in the Play’a settings and all the VRbangers scenes will be available for viewing!
Play’a Website

VR video players Playa
Play'a VR

CodePlex VR player

CodePlex. A nice little free VR player. It has some specific options that not every other player has. Like reading 2D/3D images. It works great with the Oculus Rift.

I haven’t tested it with other headsets yet but I believe most headsets will work with this software.
It’s a bit rough around the edges and might be better suited for the more advanced users.
CodePlex Website

CodePlex VR Player


SpherePlay is a very good free video player for headsets you use with your phone or PC connected VR headsets.

It can handle up to 8k resolution videos and works on many different playforms.
A great all round VR player.
Sphereplay Website



Bigscreen is more than just a VR player. If you want you can share what you are watching with your friends. It basically shows your desktop to other people in the same VR room!

It’s completely free and it’s a truly awesome app! You’ll need an Oculus Quest (Meta Quest) or better though.
There are often users watching porn movies in a room. If you like to watch together 😉
Bigscreen Website


VR Gesture Player

A free player for your Android based phone. It uses hand gestures for navigation.

It works for your basic viewing but don’t expect too much from it. There are better apps out there to watch your virtual reality porn movies!
VR Gesture Website

VR Gesture Player

Example of a non-VR Player:

Virtual Space

There seem to be some mixed reviews but I do think Virtual Space is a good player for your daily desktop stuff.

If you want to watch some movies from Pornhub for example then this a nice app to do so! Download from Steam.
Virtual Space Website

Virtual Space


The free version of Whirligig is a very decent VR player but limited. If you want to test the virtual reality waters without downloading too many things or complicated apps you can give this a try.

In case you like it you can buy the full version later.

It supports the Vive, Oculus and mixed reality sets.
Whirligig Website



Another really cool free video player. It’s available on steam or the Google store. So it supports many different VR platforms.

Just like many other good player apps it does everything you need. So it’s matter of liking the interface and testing how easy it is to use! We certainly like GizmoVR!
GizmoVR Website


Magix VR-X

The VR-X player from Magix is not our first choice to watch VR porn on. But I would happily use it for watching other content.
It’s a bit different. Check it out yourself, it’s free!
Magix VR-X Website

magix vr x

The Best PAID VR Video Players in 2022

SKYBOX VR Video Player

Skybox VR is a often used and well known VR video player for pretty much all the VR headsets out there. So your Vive, Oculus, Meta Quest and other headsets will work just fine with it.

It automatically recognizes the type of video you select. It also offers streaming from your PC to mobile devices. And many, many more features. And the interface looks awesome!

The many features and amazing environments make it a paid app though. It’s not cheap at 15 dollars but i really think it’s worth the money!
SKYBOX Website

Skybox VR Player

Simple VR player

As the name suggests, Simple VR Player is a no-nonsense easy to use virtual reality porn player.
It’s built for the HTC Vive and its controllers. So you don’t use a mouse and keyboard anymore. Full immersion!

Simple VR Player offers all the basic funtions you would need to start watching your virtual reality porn movies quickly and without problems.

The price is 8 dollars.
Simple VR Website

Simple VR Player

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop is a player you can find on Steam. It works with headsets like the Oculus Quest, Vive and Valve Index. The price is 13 dollars. It has pretty much all the functions the average VR porn viewer would need. The reviews are mixed though. So be sure to read them before you buy.

I personally do like this piece of software!
Virtual Desktop Website

Virtual Desktop

Whirligig Paid Version

A good piece of viewing software that supports the Vive, Oculus and Mixed reality.

It lets you use controllers such as the Vive controllers and the Oculus Touch.

Besides that it has all the usual video playing functions one would need. Take a look at their site and see if it’s worth 4 dollars to you.
Tip: Download the free Whirligig version first. It’s limited but it’s a good way to see if you like the interface without paying right away!
Whirligig Website


As with everything on , this is a work in progress and over time more will be added and probably some things will be deleted.

If you know of an app that we really should list here then please send us a message!