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Welcome to The VR Porn Manual!

As the title suggests, this site is created to help you out with any and all questions you have regarding Virtual Reality Porn! The Experts at VR porn Manual will explain you how to watch VR porn movies!

Our years long experience in this industry will be of great help to you!

Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee because you will be here for a while. We’ll make sure to cover every aspect of Virtual Porn and in the rare case we missed something then please feel free to ask any questions you may have!
For now just pick the topic you need info about, sit back and start reading!

NEW | Best VR Headsets to buy in 2021

New VR headsets will be released in 2021 .. This will only make the choice more difficult! In our latest article you will find a top 5 of the best VR headsets of 2021! We are curious .. Are we in line with our readers? Find out!

VR Porn sites

It didn’t take long for the porn industry to pick up on virtual reality.
While many people still never tried VR at all, there already is a huge VR porn market online!

And the good thing is that many sites are really doing their best to bring out top notch VR porn scenes! You’ll find that many sites really deliver high quality virtual reality scenes with the best pornstars from the “mainstream” porn industry.

We won’t be listing many free VR porn sites here and that’s for a good reason. If you want to know why then click the above link to read our view on it.

If you continue reading then you will find our constantly updated list of the best VR porn sites out there today.

It’s a work in a progress but eventually every single site will get a honest review. >Review overview. We will separate the good from the bad and of course let you know why. There is nothing worse then spending the money you worked hard for on a shitty site.

Again, we won’t find many of these sites in the VR porn industry though. But of course, some are better than others.

Below we’ll list our all time top three if you want to go directly to the best sites without wasting time.


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Virtual Real Porn

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How to watch VR porn

How to watch VR porn? That’s the question why you are most likely here!
You are either the owner of a virtual reality headset or you are looking for information on what VR headset to buy!

Well, you are at the right place!

At VRPornManual.com we are constantly updating our site to bring you the latest in the VR porn world. This includes everything from the best VR porn websites, virtual reality headset reviews to clear and detailed instructions on how to watch VR porn videos on your specific headset.

The VRPornManual office houses several VR enthusiasts and experts who will guide you through the crazy and sometimes difficult VR world. Just keep checking back because we’re always adding and updating.
Also keep an eye on our blog. Where we’ll post more about our day to day life and things that might be interesting to the average computer and VR user.

For now let’s go straight ahead to your the most important part of the site:
VR tits and ass! How to watch them, which VR software to use and on which headset!

There are several virtual reality players out there and we checked them all!

>Click here to see what is available for you right now!

JennyQ | StasyQ VR

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Interested in the big overview where all the virtual reality porn sites are listed, their prices and the virtual reality niches then click the button below!

Many sites offer discounts and coupons at certain times. We always keep track of them and will list them here. Before you pull your wallet, always make sure to see if currently there is a deal for your favorite site!

Should I pay for VR porn?

vanessa sky vr pornstar

If you are here, looking for VR porn, then you are probably looking for FREE VR porn.

Some of you old farts might remember the internet back in the day where all you got for free was a few pictures but if you wanted to see more you had to pay.
It isn’t that bad in the VR porn industry online but it certainly is more like than old days than the current days, where every single porn vid can be found on one of the million porn tubes out there.

But this isn’t a bad thing. It really isn’t.


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VR Headset Guide

I can imagine that you’re totally lost when it comes to picking the right virtual reality headset for you.
Since the first consumer headsets came out in 2016 it’s been quite chaotic. Company after company brings our VR headset after VR headset. It it’s anything from really bad to really good.

And to make things more difficult, as I’m typing this in early 2020, we’re about to go the next generation of headsets. Better screens, better resolution, better field of view….and often more expensive.
As with most electronics it’s always a difficult choice when it comes to buying the product you want. Do I buy something older and cheaper or new and more expensive. And at this point in time this certainly applies to the virtual reality headset market.

In other words, we can not choose for you but we will do everything we can to point you in the right direction.

Lucky for us watching VR porn can be done extremely cheap.

You could literally be watching Angela White’s amazing tits in VR by tomorrow for just 20 dollars.
Or you can spend 1000 dollars to achieve the same thing.

Enough talking, let’s take a look at our VR headset overview right here.
Or if you already own a headset, why not take a look at our virtual reality video players overview right here.

Pornstars & Virtual Reality

Nowadays VR porn is really becoming mainstream. This is because there are more and more virtual reality headsets coming out. Better quality and cheaper. And because there are some really high quality VR porn producers.

We will show you about sites like BaDoinkVR and VR Bangers. Just some of the top sites that shoot amazing virtual sex scenes with the hottest pornstars today.
If you don’t believe me then let me add just a small list of some of the names you know for sure!

Mila Azul | BabeVR

This really is just a tiny sample of all the VR pornstars that have scenes ready for you to watch!

Yup, if you’re new to Virtual Reality then you’d be amazed how big it already is. It’s not just a niche anymore. VR is big and happening. And you want to be part of it!

And the VR Porn Manual will tell you all about it. This will be your one source for everything VR porn! All the tutorials, manuals, explanations you’ll need. And make sure to follow our blog for latest and greatest in the adult virtual reality industry!

Mila Azul | BabeVR

What are the VRPorn Niches?

You will find that in the virtual reality scene things work a little bit different when it comes to porn niches.

You are probably used to search for really any porn niche you can think of and finding it.

In the VR porn scene you won’t find that much choice.
While there are plenty of porn studios shooting tons of famous and non-famous pornstars I noticed they tend to keep things a bit more mainstream or normal. >Check out out Top lists!

This is because while growing, the amount of virtual reality headset owners out there is still way smaller than the people without VR headsets. Of course.

Lacy Lennon Horizon Zero Dawn Cosplay Video

Big nipples in Virtual Reality

When you create sex videos for a relatively small niche like “big nipples” there probably will still be many people on the internet who are looking for that niche. Now try to make a big nipple vr porn site and see how many VR headset owners will look for that specific porn niche. Not that many is my guess.

But that time will come for sure. Virtual Reality is growing at a rapid rate. VR headsets like the Oculus Quest are selling like crazy. So obviously the more people who watch and buy virtual porn movies the more the studios will produce. Also for the smaller niches.

And this is also the main reason why I really support buying your VR porn. There are several really good other reasons which I will explain on a different page. You may be skeptical but I hope you will at least let me try to explain it.

Anyway for now, when searching for VR porn niches you should limit your searching to “mainstream” niches like this:

Of course many niches will overlap and finding a threesome porn scene doesn’t mean big nipples aren’t involved.

Oh and many of the bigger VR sex studios are very involved with their paying members! (Hey, another reason why paying for virtual reality porn isn’t bad)
They are very open to suggestions and really listen to advice and criticism.

VR Cosplay X

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Virtual Taboo

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So let us help you, make the virtual reality scene even bigger and better! Together we are strong and can get things done! VR is the future and we only want the best!