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Over the years we see that the tab gen is doing very well in Virtual Reality. This is not only the case in VR but also in the ”regular” porn scene. Yet we notice that many VR studios do not make very eager use of this and keep it very much to ‘the girl next door', standard. It isn't exactly exciting.

If you have a slightly more pronounced taste, and perhaps want to be shocked a little or just want to try something you don't do or dare in real-life? Then read on to find out where you can find these type of taboo VR porn videos!
And always remember:

What happens in VR stays in VR! 😉

What is the Taboo genre?

This question can be filled out differently for everyone, but let's just say it's topics you probably wouldn't tell anyone if you liked them. To give an example, would you tell someone that you have sex with your stepsister, mother-in-law or that you have a huge crush on fat old women?

A taboo is actually something that is seen as inappropriate and that is why it goes so well with VR porn. It's just you and your VR headset! There is of course a reason that it is frowned upon but that doesn't mean that it can be very hot!

Click on the picture to visit Darkroom VR

What taboos can we find in VR?

Got a minute? There really are a lot of taboos and I am sometimes surprised what the studio makers come up with. But let's make a small list of the most well-known taboos that are covered in virtual reality.

Do you have a fetish that is not mentioned here and want to share it? 😉 The comment section is open at the bottom of this page!

  • Family sex
  • Old women
  • Fat women
  • Teacher – student
  • Pregnant women

And these are really just a few examples! In addition, you can also ask the question is a Fetish also a Taboo? Like BDSM, is this a taboo or a fetish?
In any case, it's something that most VR studios don't venture into and certainly not everyone is waiting for. For me it's actually a Big No if there is fisting action for example, therefore for me it would belong to taboo.

Click on the image to vistit Virtual Taboo

Can I watch these taboo genres without breaking the law?

Absolutely, VR porn is an industry where a lot of money is involved and is still quite new. The underground practices that you find in the regular porn industry are not there VR porn and you would not find it on this site either way.

This means that all videos comply with the set requirements and laws. A girl who looks young is definitely 18+ and that family sex is not with real family members.
Besides that, I think it's just a good choice to do this in Virtual Reality! What happens in VR stays in VR 😉

What VR taboo sites are out there?

  1. Virtual Taboo >Click to visit
    The absolute number one. Not only does the name say it all, they also deliver really good quality!
  2. CzechVR Fetish >Click to visit
    Very extensive site with the most varied topics! Highly recommended and in 8K!
  3. Dark Room VR >Click to visit
    VR site with most diverse fantasies.
  4. KinkVR >Click to visit
    The BDSM VR site.
  5. VirtualXporn >Click here to visit
    The most raw taboo site! For the real lovers.
  6. XVirtual >Click to visit
    Horror themed VR videos and VR versions of PerverseFamily

This list includes only sites that meet all the standards.

Trailer of VirtualTaboo: ''Birthday Is A Family Celebration''

What I really noticed about the VR sites I listed above is that they put a lot of work into their videos. There's a lot of creativity involved in the storylines. Also, I see in our traffic stats that there is a lot of interest in sites that deal with taboos so if you think you are the only one who needs this you are really wrong! 😉



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