Top VR Headsets To Buy In 2021

3. Valve Index

On our 3rd page we’re looking at the Valve Index. And how well does it work for watching VR porn?

The Valve Index is a high-end VR headset with a high-end price tag. It is a sleek headset based on the Steam VR platform. The Index comes with an ultra-crisp display and a wider field of view. One of the highlighted features is the knuckle controllers which are designed to track the movement of all your fingers.
It’s a great machine and a pleasure to watch movies and play games on but if comes with quite the price tag. It will set you back no less than 800 dollars.

If you just want to watch the latest VR Bangers scene and maybe do some light gaming then this might not be the headset for you.
If you have some money to spend and want a modern and powerful toy then keep reading!

Design & Comfort

The Valve Index features an interesting design that is both easy and comfortable to use. The glossy faceplate on the front can be used for pass-through video. It also has a padded lining on the inside. This is to give you a snug fit.

You can also change the distance between the two lenses with the given dials. The VR headset has a dual LCD with 1440 x 1600 resolution per lens. Perfect for high def VR Porn!
The Valve Index package comes with knuckle controllers along with a 2.0 base station which you need to set up in your room.

POV Naughty America VR


When it comes to performance, the Valve Index works smoothly. The LCD lenses can handle amazing 144Hz refresh rate. This is to give you a better immersive experience. Although just for VR porn movies this is way over the top.

Thee tracking is done through the base station and not on the headsets. With a high refresh rate capacity and incredible controllers, the Valve Index will give you a superb performance!


The Valve Index comes with easy-to-use controllers. They not only work smoothly but also give you a comfortable experience. Unlike other VR controllers, these fit perfectly in your hands. The cushiony strap gives you a better grip and also prevents the controller from dropping off your hands.
Each controller features a trackpad, a system button, and a trigger. The handles are equipped with sensors that help detect the motion of each of your fingers. When using for the first time, it takes a few tries to get the controllers adjusted. Gaming especially is awesome with this set.


The Index has integrated headphones. They are small and are designed to be over-the-ear headphones. This particular design has received mixed reviews. While some users love it for the incredible sound quality, others are not fond of it for the design.
The headphones produce a crisp and clear sound. This allows you to listen to every sound coming from your favorite pornstar when watching VR porn movies. The VR headset also has a 3.5mm audio jack which can be used to connect any other audio solution.

Battery life

The Valve Index controllers come with a battery life of just two hours. This is the biggest complaint when it comes to this specific headset. There are of course solutions for this but it will cost you even more.


A superb headset with a great design and lots of features. But more expensive than our previous 2 recommended headsets for VR porn. So this one is really for those want want to get the most out of their system and are willing to pay for it!

Adriana Chechik on your Valve Index


  • Smooth display
  • Comfortable design
  • Excellent audio
  • Controllers are awesome


  • Expensive
  • Poor battery life


Second best buy!


Fourth best on the list!