DEO VR Video Player

The best virtual reality movies player

It doesn't matter if you only watch VR porn movies or if you want to watch other videos. Maybe the latest Disney movie or the latest VR Bangers movie ..
DEO VR video is the go to VR movie app for 2020 and probably 2021 (at this time of writing).

In this quick review we will take a look at what makes DEO VR the preferred video player for the VR porn enthusiast. And probably everyone else who enjoys VR content as well.

What makes DEO VR video player so good?

I'm not going to lie. The first thing I look at when searching for new software is the price.
And I don't mind paying either. As long as it delivers what it promises.

Well, DEO VR delivers what it promises. And it's free! So, you really can't go wrong there!
And what it delivers is a lot!

vr video player
Bunny Colby - POVR


→ It lets you stream pretty much all video content on almost every VR headset

→ It has a built-in looper. So you can watch your favorite VR porn moment over and over again

→ You can reposition the layout. Create the perfect custom layout for your VR headset.

→ It has awesome color settings. You can adjust the brightness, sharpness, saturation and more.

→Tons of other settings. Pretty much anything you would need when watching a VR movie can be adjusted.

There is a reason the site refers to their DEO VR video player as the Swiss Army knife of VR video players

Why use the DEO player specifically for VR porn?

As VR porn is getting more and more popular, the productions are also getting bigger and of higher quality. And with high quality come bigger file sizes. If you take a look at our 5k and 8k VR porn sample page you'll see how far the VR industry has progressed. What an amazing quality some of the virtual reality studios like VR Bangers and Czech VR offer nowadays.

And to stream (or download and watch them locally) you need a few things:

1: A good VR headset
2: And / or a good computer
3: A good VR video player

We talk about the first 2 points elsewhere on the site. So that leaves us with point 3.

When you watch a video file that is maybe 5 gigs in size it will need a lot of processing power. And the way a video player handles all this processing can make all the difference.

DEO VR player seems to be top choice when it comes to big files like this.

Again, having the best VR porn experience also requires a good VR headset but your headset is only as good as your video player allows it to be.

So what I'm trying to say is. If you want to watch the highest quality VR porn without any hiccups then DEO VR video player is the right choice.

If you only watch some small sized movies then you can use plenty of other players as well.
Here is our overview of VR video players

BaDoinkVR >

What VR headsets does the DEO VR video player support?

That one is easy! Pretty much all of them.
Right now every known VR headset will work fine with DEO VR.

You can watch your VR porn videos with a super cheap cardboard headset using DEO VR or the newest generation Oculus Quest 2  It does not matter.

On the DEO VR site You will find links to downloads for your VR headset.

–  Oculus Rift
– Oculus Go
– Gear VR
– Oculus Quest
– SideQuest
– HTC Vive
– Cardboard
– Daydream
– iPhone
– Microsoft Store AR
And other headsets most likely will work as well.

As you can see you can even use your iPhone for watching VR porn!

What else do you need to know?

The layout is super easy to understand and you'll be up and running in no time!

What I personally really like is their File format autorecognition.

If the file name has the file info written out then the DEO player will recognize it and automatically adjust the video playback for this specific file.

So for example if the file is named:

 The player will recognize it as a Side by Side VR video type with a 360 degrees field of view. And it will adjust the playback for you.

deo vr porn video auto settings

So this ensures a super quick setup when you're walking around with a massive boner and don't feel like spending 5 minutes getting the VR porn video to work hehe.


Well, at this point I can only tell you to go to their website and download the DEO VR video player!

As we mentioned, it's completely free! We don't make any money from this so I'm truly just trying to point you in the right direction for that perfect VR porn experience. 

I hope you will enjoy the app as much as we do!
Download the free DEO VR video player