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BaDoinkVR Review

BADOINKVR Grants A Vast Selection Of Quality VR Porn Experiences

Starting back in 2006 with VR technology, BADOINKVR has been blazing trails in the adult industry ever since.

With over 400 hundred VR titles to choose from. Ranging in a wide selection of genres from anal and amateur all the way to stockings and tattoos. You won’t be hard up to find a movie to fit your specific desires.

Since BADOINKVR has been offering VR from almost the beginnings of its creation, they’ve had the time to hone their virtual tech into a finely tuned sexy machine. With some of the highest bit rate downloading, and sexiest porn stars available.

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BadoinkVR | Morgan Lee | Fitness Inside

A Range Of VR Formats for Multiple Headsets and Orgasmic Experiences

Having access to multiple VR formats with 180 degree and full 360 degree viewing options, and over 400 VR titles to choose from with 4K, and 5K video resolution, has put BADOINKVR at the top of its class.

Offering access to any one with any range of the VR headsets available has made this site easily accessible for anyone looking for the best adult VR experiences available.

Whether you’re using the more basic VR Headset of Google Cardboard, for those wanting to not put a major investment into a new experience, or you’re a more advanced VR porn watcher and have invested in the Oculus Rift, the VR movies on BADOINKVR will be compatible!

Some Of The Hottest Stars To Choose From

Proof for any site that they are really at the top of their game, is when you see the kind of incredible porn star selection that BADOINKVR has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for the sexy exotic Asian hottie, Morgan Lee, star of the smoking hot VR porn movie Fitness Inside, or that naughty girl next door look of the sizzling Riley Reid, star of Blowing The Blues, you’ll find it on BADOINKVR.

There are so many acclaimed porn stars featured on this site, that there’s definitely enough choices of everyone’s favorites to choose from. You’ll have some of the newer sexy ladies to the scene as well.

With hundreds of hot titles to select between, your VR porn experience is going to ramp up to new heights of sexy.

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BadoinkVR | Veronica Leal | That Vitamin D

Sexy Tech Specs For BADOINKVR

Being able to stream your porn content without a myriad of starts and stops, and long wait times, is essential with your everyday adult film, but is of even more importance in the world of VR porn.

The last thing anyone wants, is to have some poor latency take you out of the intensely sexy moment your sharing with someone like sexy porn star Kiara Lord.
Having streamed content from BADOINKVR we found it to be of the highest speeds, with almost perfect bitrates and near zero latency.

Every user has access to 180-degree to 360-degree formats, in full 3D binaural sound.
Scenes are provided in 180-degree formats with full 3D binaural sound.

Kiara Lord | BaDoinkVR

You’ll have the option of scanning every part of the scene you’re in if you so desire. Though you’ll probably be focused on the virtual hottie your fucking right in front of you the majority of the time.

After all, you’re probably not using VR porn to see what the walls behind you look like during a sex scene 😉
Of course, the optimization of your VR porn experience, will be dependent upon the tech you’re using. There are a variety of devices so each fan can enjoy each scene to the maximum amount allowable by the headset they own.


Oculus Rift: 4600×2300 60 fps, 30000 kbit/s
VIVE: 4600×2300, 60 fps, 30000 kbit/s
PlayStation VR: 3200×1600, 60 fps, 30000 kbit/s
Gear VR: 3200×1600, 60 fps, 20000 kbit/s
Cardboard: 1920×1080, 60 fps, 15000 kbit/s


It’s worth spending a little more to get the highest level of experience BADOINKVR has to offer. Because this site is giving you the best of what’s available. Constantly updating to the latest in the virtual reality porn worlds!

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Full Immersion Into The VR World Of BADOINKVR

With such a vast selection of VR porn stars, and the highest quality 4K-5K VR porn available, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the sexiest erotic movies out there.
Whether you’re looking for some massive titties and deepthroating blowjobs, or sexy cosplay superhero sluts whose mission it is to make sure you get off harder than anyone else, you’ll have a wide range of choices to fill out every kinky, or vanilla, desire you’ve been holding onto.

If it’s a foot fetish kind of day you’ll have the option to have a babe like Paula Shy jerk-off your virtual cock with her sexy feet. You The range of genre choices is vast, and immersing yourself in the world created within these intense VR porn films is going to come easy…almost as easily as you’ll be cumming after you put on your headset.

All of the top-notch VR porn films on BADOINKVR come with a fully downloadable magazine quality photoset. So you can check out the hot stills of the VR scenes in your own time after you’ve finished enjoying the VR film itself.

This added bonus is such an incredible addition, because you’ll be able to recapture your favorite moments just by jumping to the photos you’ve saved on your computer.

There’s nothing like a bevvy of hot virtual porn memories to motivate that spank bank when you need to find a bit of quick release.

The Hot Hard Truth About BADOINKVR

Due to the fact that we like to keep our reviews as upfront and honest as possible, we have to tell you about any rough points we find on sites.
To be completely honest, we had a hard time finding points to have problems with, because BADOINKVR has been in the VR game long enough that they’ve put in the time to really have their act together.

For the sake of full disclosure, we will enumerate the points that can still be worked on.
Due to the immensity of VR file sizes, the download times can sometimes take a bit longer than desired, and occasionally the site slows down a little during streaming.
A lot of this is more due to the internet connection that was currently being used, so it’s not entirely on the site itself.

This being said, you should definitely check out a trial membership on BADOINKVR and find out for yourself.

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BadoinkVR | Veronica Leal | That Vitamin D

With A Membership Comes Sexy Rewards

Not only do you have access to the incredible selection of the hottest porn stars being part of the sexiest VR porn action out there, but you’re also given a constantly updated selection of reward discounts.

There are incredible deals giving members up to 70% off on some of the best content out there.
It’s just a win-win scenario when you become a member of BADOINKVR, because you’ll have access to their incredible selection of VR porn, and then discounts on other carefully selected collections as well.

Time to get your virtual reality headset activated, and start fucking the porn girls of your wettest, hottest, dreams.

Adriana Chechik badoink VR
BadoinkVR | Adriana Chechik